Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Dweller in the Cave

I live in a cave
A deep, cavernous cave
With grey walls
Covered with fungi
Of all sorts, and of evil smells.

My long white hair covers my behind
My long white beard covers the front of my body
The amassed hair makes me look bigger than I really am
I look like a hairy body with half a face
And horny feed, which portrude
I kill every one who enters my cave.

But people have stopped entering my cave
They use the entry phone to rile me.
Their voices sound hollow, booming, resonant,
Inside the cave.
My voice sounds tinny
through the cheap loudspeaker
Outside the cave.

I spend my waking and my sleeping hours on a sofa
When I dream, I dream of railway stations
When I am awake, I think about death.
The sofa will absorb all of my wetness
I will remain a furry bag of leather
And my bones will rattle inside, when I am shaken.

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