Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Nameless Universe

In the Beginning

In a swirling mist
Where evil gaseous islands glow
from afar, faintly green
There is only spectral dust,
And Anti-Matter, the other side of dust.

The Forming of an Idea

Someone decides, or maybe no-one,
Maybe a nonentity decides not,
That this world of aimlessly floating particles
Is too little, or too much of it.
Organization is the key!

Grains group

Particles have a tendency to get together
Grouping. Sociophysical forces.
Gas becomes dust, dust grains
Grains group and form spheres
Ellipsoid shapes, flattened at the poles.

The Dawning of a Universe

Boiling lava things, bubbling
Spurting jets of incandescent plasma
Yawning abysses, vastness of black space
The very big bodies are suns and stars,
The smaller ones, the planets!


This is the universe, a tapestry of matter,
Woven on the black background
Of perfect nothingness, and dark matter, and gas.
The Universe, ever expanding, yet always collapsing.
A breathing place. A promising place?
I like it, says the professor, my son a student here.

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