Saturday, February 18, 2006

The House of The Murderer

"I want a house"
Says the murderer to the contractor
"With thick walls, so that no one
Will hear my victims scream.
And I want a cellar
With many rooms
which I will call
The dungeons,
dark and clammy,
With rings of iron
Set into the masonry
So fast that not the most
Crazed of fright will
Be able to come free,
Once attached to one of
Those rings with the
Heaviest of chains.
In one of those dungeons."

"I can do that."
Says the contractor
"But it will cost."

"Because one house
With one cellar will not suffice.
Has that occured to you?
What will you do when your
House is filled with dead and
Mutilated occupants?
You will need another House.
And another, and another."

"No that won't do."
The murderer says.
"Just build several stories of cellar,
As many stories of cellar
Under ground,
As floors above."

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